Review of International American Studies

Czasopisma naukowe / Review of International American Studies

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Numer: 5 (1-2/2011)

Bodies of Canada...

Redaktorzy: Zuzanna Szatanik, Michał Krzykawski

The dialectics of exclusion and reappropriation of femininity is at the heart of the social contract which interlaces, according to Pateman...

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Numer: 4.2-4.3 (2009/2010)

Modernity's Modernisms

Redaktor: RIAS Editors

[...] The essays in this issue address the notion of modernity’s modernisms construed in this way in three registers: the temporal, the spatial and the global. In its reconsideration of the Western moment of modernity...

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Numer: 3.3-4.1 (2008/2009)

On Terror and Security

Redaktor: RIAS Editors

Since 9/11 and the rising interest in state security, academia has been one of the many arenas encouraged to invest in the research and dissemination of security policies and technologies, as can be seen by the growing number of programs and research funding dedicated to ‘security studies’ in both US and European universities...

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Numer: 3 (1-2/2008)

Americas Studies / Americanist Canons

Redaktorzy: Michael Boyden, Paweł Jędrzejko, Cyraina Johnson-Roullier

The advent of Inter-American Studies has not only opened up an alternative discourse in the study of ‘American’ culture; it has also produced a discourse that suggests an alternative practice...

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Numer: 2 (3/2007)

Loci and Foci

Redaktorzy: Michael Boyden, Paweł Jędrzejko

The IASA Third World Congress is quickly drawing near. By the time you are reading these lines, you are probably getting ready to pack your bags or are expressing your regret that you didn’t register for the conference. Since its inception in 2000, IASA has developed into a flourishing association with a committed and continuously expanding...

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Numer: 2 (2/2007)

The Cultural Significance of Modernity...

Redaktor: Cyraina Johnson-Roullier

The current issue of the RIAS seeks to examine the notions of “America” and “American” as these have meaning outside of such boundaries, and as these cultural identifications become significant within a hemispheric and comparative, cultural understanding...

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Numer: 2 (1/2006)

American Studies and the Dilemmas...

Redaktor: Michael Boyden

The abolition, in the course of the nineteenth century, of the scriptum latinum—Latin composition as a condition for entry into the university—is impossible to separate from the pull towards the language of ‘the people’ during the nationalistic era in European politics...

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Numer: 1 (1/2006)

Inaugural Issue

Redaktor: RIAS Editors

Welcome to RIAS, the Review of International American Studies, the online journal of the International American Studies Association (IASA). IASA, which held its first conference in Leiden in 2003, is organized around the understanding that in the twenty‑first century American Studies...

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