Fr. John Gibson, OCD

Associate Editor

Dr. Marcel Mukadi, SDS

Dr. Polycarp Hongoli, OSB

Dr. Noah J. Mtana

Prof. William Ngowi, OFM Cap

Prof. Bernard Witek, SDS


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Africa Tomorrow is a multi-lingual scientific periodical (English summary enclosed). It is a new forum of discussion. Aware of the necessity of both searching for truth and encountering the revealed truth, this periodical doesn't aim at discussing for the sake of discussing. That would sound hollow.

Africa Tomorrow would like to give new evidence that "from the clash of ideas flashes forth truth".

For this medium of reflection is also convinced that, "Driven by the desire to discover the ultimate truth of existence, human beings seek to acquire those universal elements of knowledge which enable them to understand themselves better and to advance in their own self-realisations" (John-Paul II, Fides et Ratio, 4).


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20 (1-2) 2018
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Jordan University College