The Nation’s Longue Durée. Social Dimensions of Polishness (1988-2021)
Ewa Nowicka, Sławomir Łodziński

Table of Contents

Chapter I – Introduction:
Deliberations on National Identity and Polishness

Chapter II
To be a Pole: The Evolution of the Social Criteria for Polishness (1988, 1998, 2018)

Chapter III
A Sense of Polishness as a Foundation for Polish National Identity: Qualitative Research Findings

Chapter IV
Language as a Determinant of Polishness

Chapter V
The Structure of Understanding Polishness: From More to Less Crucial Social Criteria for Polishness

Chapter VI
Relinquishment of Polishness: Distance, departure, and rejection

Chapter VII
Acquisition of Polishness: How a Foreigner Can Become a Pole

Chapter VIII



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