The Polish Journal of Aesthetics
59 (4/2020)

Editor: Zoltán Somhegyi (University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates). Submission Deadline: March 30, 2020.

One of the most intriguing fields in art and aesthetic research is the investigation of cross-historical connection points: works of art reinterpreting earlier pieces or referring to previous creations. At the same time, our knowledge and experience of contemporary art and aesthetic discourse is essential for new readings of classical pieces, since recent works can often shed new light on older ones, even on partially neglected productions, and contribute to the reconsideration of their aesthetic value.

Although inspiration from previous art historical periods is not a new phenomenon, in the past few decades we have seen a growing interest in the proper scholarly examination of these recurrences and historical interconnections. Art and architecture historians, philosophers of art and even practicing artists investigate the aesthetic implications of earlier periods, styles and movements: Salvatore Settis with regards to Antiquity, Umberto Eco about the “new” Middle Ages, Else Marie Bukdahl on the actuality of the Baroque, Robert Rosenblum on the significance of Romanticism on abstract art, Hal Foster’s surveys on the relationship between pre-war and post-war avant-gardes and Benjamin Buchloh’s considerations on historicity to name but a few. Besides the academic theoreticians’ work, also artists, designers, curators and gallerists experiment with the mixing of temporal segments in exhibitions, biennials and even in commercial art fairs.

This thematic volume aims to investigate both of the above aspects: on the one hand examining cross-historical references, direct or indirect influences between art pieces, as well as changes of meaning, significance, aesthetic value and evaluation in actual art production through this awareness of temporal interconnectedness. On the other hand the survey is also directed to the critical re-reading of aesthetic and art historical concepts, theories and interpretations related to the characteristics and reasons of these temporal recurrences, and to the continuous fascination of revisiting previous production.

We invite submissions surveying all forms and branches of visual and performing arts, architecture and design. Papers investigating previously lesser-researched areas, intercultural topics and “non-Western” examples are particularly welcome. Possible questions can be related, but not limited, to the following aspects:


- signs, reasons and significance of the recurrence of previous periods in later and contemporary art;

- contemporary reinterpretations of earlier works or artists’ oeuvres in actual production, and the hermeneutical implications of this process;

- the possible ways of “using” the understanding deriving from contemporary pieces for the interpretation of earlier works and for their aesthetic evaluation;

- critical evaluation and/or historical survey of such exhibitions, biennials and art projects that have had a strong cross-historical focus;

- a re-reading and critical examination of theoretical works analysing the recurrence – or the critique of recurrence – of earlier periods, styles and movements.


Submission deadline: March 30, 2020.

We invite all Authors to read the instructions, ‘For Authors’, and make sure that each article is complete (including an abstract, keywords, a bibliography, and note on the author) at the time of submission.