The Polish Journal of Aesthetics
75 (2/2025)

We kindly invite Authors to submit proposals to a special issue of “The Beauty of Storytelling and the Story of Beauty”, 75 (2/2025). This issue of The Polish Journal of Aesthetics delves into the intricate relationship between beauty and storytelling. Over a century ago, the emergence of artistic avant-gardes challenged the primacy of beauty as the paramount aesthetic value. In contemporary times, amidst the complexities of the 21st century, its interpretation and significance are contested by notions such as originality, innovation, and creativity. Furthermore, the advent and progression of new media, notably the ascent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), introduce new dimensions for scrutinizing authorship, aesthetic ideals, and the essence of art. Recognizing storytelling as a potent vehicle for comprehending the world, this issue urges authors to explore beauty as an inherent feature of narrative, encompassing both form and content, as articulated by Władysław Tatarkiewicz: “whether it be color, sound, or thought.” Is there still a place for beauty in the modern world? What has become of the reverence for this once supreme value, traditionally aligned with goodness and truth in the Greek triad? A narrative infused with beauty entices, persuades, evokes emotions, resonates with experiences, and ultimately enriches our lives. This issue serves as an invitation to contemplate the current state of beauty in relation to storytelling as its fundamental aspect, and in reference to art-based research, which applies artistic methods to qualitative research. We welcome submissions representing diverse philosophical, artistic, cultural, and sociological perspectives, employing varied theoretical frameworks to engage in discourse about beauty and storytelling. Articles may explore, among other topics:
- Contemporary perspectives on beauty,
- Methods of narrating beauty and narratives about beauty,
- The beauty embedded within contemporary storytelling and narratives,
- Beauty's intersection with AI,
- Beauty as a constituent element of storytelling,
- Storytelling and aesthetic values,
- The storyteller, story, storytelling, and their audience,
- Storytelling and the world of design,
- Storytelling as an approach to aesthetic inquiry, art-based research, and qualitative research.
We also invite submissions in the form of essays, reviews, poetry, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary expressions that explore the volume’s theme from non-academic perspectives.
Keywords: Beauty, Storytelling, Story, Storyteller, Narration, Aesthetic Values, Art-Based Research, Qualitative Research in Aesthetics.
Submission deadline: 31 March, 2025​.
All Authors interested in contributing to this issue of "The Polish Journal of Aesthetics" are kindly requested to send full papers by submission page at journal's website by 31 March, 2025.
We strongly urge all Authors to read the instructions (‘For Authors’) before the submission.
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