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Numer: 61 (2/2021)

Art and Aesthetics in Pandemic Time

Redaktorzy: Dominika Czakon, Ineta Kivle, Natalia Anna Michna

The COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected the world of culture, art, and sociality, and both art and the human search for stability and new forms of life. This volume, “Arts and Aesthetics in Pandemic Time,” presents a broad scope of various studies...

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Numer: 60 (1/2021)

Aesthetics and Affectivity

Redaktorzy: Laura La Bella, Stefano Marino, Vittoria Sisca

The role of affectivity in aesthetic experience, and its importance in the study of aesthetics, is highlighted in this special issue. As the editors indicate in their introduction, it has been a theme since ancient times. And yet there remains some ambiguity about this since affectivity is so closely associated with...

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Numer: 59 (4/2020)

Revisiting Historical Intersections in Art...

Redaktor: Zoltán Somhegyi

Seeing the historical intersections of artworks and theories of art is always fascinating. Art professionals (e.g. artists, art historians, philosophers of art, curators, gallerists, etc.) and “general” art lovers are both particularly eager to search for meaning in art by examining it in its multiple historicity...

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Numer: 58 (3/2020)

Toward Climate Justice...

Redaktorzy: Thomas Dutoit, Aleksander Kopka, Katarzyna Szopa

Jacques Derrida begins his book Specters of Marx with an avowal “I would like to learn to live finally” (Derrida 1994). To live, however, is not something one learns from oneself or from life as such...

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Numer: 57 (2/2020)

New Materialism...

Redaktorzy: Katve-Kaisa Kontturi, Milla Tiainen, Adrian Mróz

By exploring and further developing new materialist thought in the philosophy of art and aesthetics and the study of different forms of art, this special issue enters an expanding and already richly layered field that consists of new materialist research on art...

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Numer: 56 (1/2020)

Literature and the Problem of Evil

Redaktorzy: Fiona Ellis, Adriana Warmbier, Marek Drwięga

The problem of evil in its classical form refers to the question of whether it is possible to reconcile the existence of evil with the existence of God, who is aperfectly benevolent omnipotent being...

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Numer: 55 (4/2019)

Philosophy & Aesthetics of Sexuality in Japan

Redaktorzy: Timon Screech, Gabriela Matusiak

W tomie publikują: Sarah Rebecca Schmid, Aimen Remida, Thomas Schmidt, Grzegorz Kubiński, Louise Boyd, Jarrel De Matas.

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Numer: 54 (3/2019)

Improvisation in Contemporary Art

Redaktorzy: Adel-Jing Wang, Leszek Sosnowski

W tomie publikują: Alessandro Bertinetto, Tracy McMullen, Abolfazl Mohammadi, Steve Odin.

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Numer: 53 (2/2019)

The Philosopher Franz K.

Redaktorzy: Sonia Kamińska, Barry Smith

Almost 100 years have passed since Kafka’s death and yet there is so much we do not know about one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. Everyone has their own Kafka...

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Numer: 52 (1/2019)

Behavioral Aesthetics. Techne, Desire...

Redaktorzy: Daniel Ross, Adrian Mróz

The image on the cover of this volume comes from a stock photo tagged as body art, which can be briefly described as the application of paints to the body used as a canvas for creating new captured images or forms of art. The photographer depicts two hands painting each other’s surface...

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Numer: 51 (4/2018)

The Affective Aesthetics of the Body in Pain

Redaktorzy: Luz Mar González-Arias, Monika Glosowitz

Physical pain — in all its degrees of intensity and frequency — is a constant presence in life. From an almost imperceptible discomfort at skin level to theprolonged states of unbearable bodily distress that characterise some chronic medical conditions...

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Numer: 50 (3/2018)

Redaktor: Miłosz Markiewicz

W tomie publikują: Łukasz Białkowski, Paulina Gurgul, Andrzej Krawiec, Joanna Łapińska, Katarzyna Machnik, Agata Stronciwilk.

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Numer: 49 (2/2018)

Phenomenology in Relation...

Redaktorzy: Monika Murawska, Piotr Schollenberger

From its very beginnings, phenomenology has carefully treated art and aesthetic phenomena as a special sphere, depicting the fact of the appearance of things, and of the world, within its framework...

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Numer: 48 (1/2018)

Redaktor: Miłosz Markiewicz

W tomie publikują: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Paweł Sznajder, Roman Kubicki, Alicja Rybkowska, Marta Soniewicka, Tomasz Górny.

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Numer: 47 (4/2017)

Memory and (Counter) Monuments

Redaktorzy: Carla Milani Damião, Natalia Anna Michna

We usually think that once a monument is conceived by an artist and constructed, it should remain in its actual space and in the imaginary of a culture as a document for eternity, as a support for “heroic” values, according to specific political circumstances...

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Numer: 46 (3/2017)

Redaktor: Miłosz Markiewicz

Niniejszy tom stanowi częściowo kontynuację poprzedniego numeru „Estetyki i Krytyki”, zatytułowanego „Estetyka: między historią a współczesnością”, przygotowanego z okazji jubileuszu siedemdziesięciolecia prof. Anny Jamroziakowej...

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